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Tooth Extraction


Wisdom Teeth Removal Milwaukee. We provide simple oral surgery, such as tooth extractions, when a tooth has been badly damaged and is otherwise unable to be salvaged. Our first interest will be saving your tooth. But when needed we perform any simple tooth extraction which may be needed as part of your dental treatment.


Tooth extraction involves the removal of a tooth from the jaw. While your dentist will always strive to save as many natural teeth as possible, there will be situations that warrant the removal of a tooth/teeth. This is undertaken only if it is the only way to preserve oral health and no other alternative will help. Tooth extraction might be anxiety-inducing for some patients, but the procedure is relatively pain-free and comfortable.


Reasons for tooth extraction


  • Large areas of decay in which root canal treatment cannot be done to save the tooth. Progress of decay can cause further complications in the oral cavity. Such teeth are usually extracted.


  • Wisdom teeth that haven’t erupted properly, or are stuck within the jaw (impacted). These can cause issues of misalignment, crowding, cavities, and severe pain. Impacted wisdom teeth are also responsible for the infection, inflammation, and gum disease. These have to be removed.


  • Cracked or broken teeth that cannot be restored might be recommended for extraction.


  • For orthodontic treatment purposes, some teeth may be extracted to create space for alignment.


  • In advanced stages of periodontitis (gum disease), teeth may become loose. These need to be extracted to prevent further irritation.


  • Hyperdontia is the case when a patient’s permanent teeth start to erupt before their baby teeth have fallen out. To prevent crowding and create space for the permanent dentition, your dentist might extract the baby teeth.


  • In cases of rampant infection where teeth can’t be preserved with alternative methods, teeth might be recommended for extraction.


  • Patients with compromised immunity (in diseases like HIV/AIDS, or patients undergoing chemotherapy) can have a harder time preventing tooth infection, necessitating tooth extraction.



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