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American Dental Group Welcomes You To Our Dental Office

Milwaukee Dentist. From our dentists and dental staff, we are pleased you are here.

Whether as a new guest or returning patient, we always want you to feel comfortable and satisfied you’ll receive the best dental care anywhere. Our dentists are highly skilled, very experienced, and truly want to make your visit to the dentist a comfortable and friendly. With our certified and licensed staff to help assist our dentists and our full-service support staff, we are out to prove we are the best in the business.


We aim to make your visits with us comfortable and stress-free.  We know coming to the dentist can be unnerving, and a bit scary.  So we try to make your time with us here as comfortable as possible by meeting you with a smile, listening to you and treating everyone like a good friend, because you are.  Not only do we care about your experience here, but our highly skilled staff is consistently learning the newest and most comfortable techniques to give you the best smile possible.

Whether you are here for a bi-annual checkup or having your teeth whitened, or having a tooth looked at, we are using the most modern dental methods on the market today to provide the best dental care to you and your family.

Some of the services we provide include dental checkups, dentistry for childrenfamily dentistry, dental bridges, dental implantsteeth whitening, veneers and much more. Regardless if you’re here to address specific oral health concern for yourself or for a family member, or if you need questions answered about certain dental cosmetic procedures that can improve your smile, be assured that we at Anoka Dental are qualified to care, assist, and cater to your dental desires.

American Dental Group loves kids!  Making the dentist less stressful for children is a priority.  Developing good dental care habits early and comforting children while they’re young that the dentist is not a scary place is very important.


We are passionate to educate and inform our community about best dental health practices, using the latest in technology and the least invasive techniques available to give you healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.


We now have a wonderful dental plan! Our affordable dental savings plan provides significant savings on your dental care without the hassles of traditional insurance.

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